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Suite Sensation Together

Uniquely designed wine country treatment experiences. Performed in one of five intimate and luxuriously appointed Spa Suites. Featuring essences, herbs and spices indigenous to the Napa Valley. Includes two and a half hours of treatments and private suite time. Paired with food and wine. 3.5 hours - $1,150 per couple

Spa After Dark
Sip wine in front of the fire in your exclusive and private spa suite. Later, an aromatic steam and soothing soak make the perfect nightcap. 90 minutes - $150

Enjoy any of our massages together. 50 minutes - $270. 100 minutes - $500


European-style massage. Utilizing heated compresses and hydrating créme. Promotes relaxation. 50 minutes - $135. 100 minutes - $250

Deep Tissue
Penetrating manipulation of strategic muscle groups. Specifically intended for those who get regular massage and require deeper techniques. Restores vitality and energy. 50 minutes - $135. 100 minutes - $250

Points of Relaxation
Customized massage using varying pressure and different modalities. Concentrates on body zones you specify. Personalized to suit your needs. 50 minutes - $135. 100 minutes - $250

Organic Aromatherapy Massage

Personalized massage using one of six aromatherapy body oils. Includes Eucalyptus foot bath and lavender infused towels to warm and soothe. Enhances comfort and relaxation. 100minutes - $250

Hot Stone

Flowing massage strokes combined with the radiant heat and pressure of warm stones. Penetrates muscles and intensifies the effect of massage. Relieves pain and stress. 100 minutes - $250



Aromatic, deeply hydrating exfoliation, massage and anti-stress envelopment. Combining geranium, grapefruit, lavender oil and mineral infused scrub. 100 minutes - $280


Exceptional and deeply restorative exfoliation and massage ritual featuring extracts of lavender, ginger and pineapple blended with jojoba and bamboo. 100 minutes - $280

Athletic Performance

Regenerative envelopment and massage relieves effects of intense physical activity using moor mud with glucosamine and arnica-infused muscle and joint cream. 100 minutes - $280

Mediterranean Mud

Reducing and purifying envelopment. Rich, thermal mud with essential oils of juniper, rosemary and fennel harvested near one of only two Spa lakes in the world. 50 minutes - $150


Body firming and anti-aging envelopment. Shea butter, red algae, grape seed oil and vitamin E provide proven botanical performance to prevent signs of aging. 50 minutes - $150

Fruity Peel

Retexturing and brightening peel. Lavender, ginger and papaya blended with jojoba and bamboo beadlets exfoliate and renew luminosity. 50 minutes - $150


Reconditioning and Firming

Recondition skin with firming masque and protective products. Hydration and toning leave the skin radiant. 50 minutes - $155

Deep Pore Cleansing

Renew skin vitality with antibacterial botanicals and clarifying clay mask. Reduce impurities leave skin clean and clear. 50 minutes - $155

Gel Peel

Stimulate aging skin by accelerating the cell renewal process. Collagen synthesis and elastinproduction leave skin bright and smooth.50 minutes - $155

Antioxidant and Vitamin

Infuse depleted skin with antioxidants and vitamins. Arctic cloudberry, black currant, grape extracts and pure collagen mask leave skin brilliantly supple. 50 minutes - $155

Illuminating and Oxygenating

Restore radiance and even skin tone with rich essential amino acids and salts. Crushed pearl mask, citrus, bearberry and licorice extracts leave skin restored. 50 minutes - $155


Hydrate and remineralize depleted skin. Italian honey, hibiscus flower milk and trehalose sugars leave skin moisturized and silky. 50 minutes - $155

Skin Resonance

Equalize and strengthen sensitive skin with natural proteins and oils. Asian white tea and omega-rich echiumoil leave delicate skin soothed and desensitized. 50 minutes - $155

Pure Performance

Clean, moisturize, balance and restore skin. Glacier water, mineral salts, oat extract and malachite leave skin regenerated. 50 minutes - $155



Based on a beautiful ancient Polynesian foot ritual thought to renew fortune. Delicately restorative and refreshing hand and foot treatment featuring fragrant flower essences. 90 minutes - $170

Hot Stone Pedicure
Flowing, yet pressure-point specific stone massage. Gently alleviates soreness and deep aches in the feet and lower legs using smooth, heated basalt river stones. 90 minutes - $170

Remedy Pedicure
Targeted, revitalizing foot treatment formulated to treat rough skin and sore feet. Eight comprehensive steps, combined with high-grade, dermatologist-tested ingredients. 90 minutes - $170

Reveal Manicure
Premature aging protection and renewal. Infused with age-defying ingredients rice extract, vitamins A and C and glycolic acid to reveal younger-looking skin. 50 minutes - Manicure $75

Jack Black Manicure and Pedicure
Clean and simple. Fusion of technology and the highest-quality organic and healing botanicals. Immediate and noticeable results with lasting benefits. 50 minutes - Manicure $75/Pedicure $85

Aromatherapy Manicure and Pedicure
Eco-conscious aromatherapy. Indonesian ginger, Chinese Jasmine, geranium, Italian mandarin and frankincense. Holistic products thought to energize the body's chakras. 50 minutes - Manicure $75/Pedicure $85

Essence of the Valley
Classic elegance nail treatment. Deep shea butter hydration and impeccable grooming, featuring seasonal Napa Valley enhancements. 50 minutes - Manicure $75/Pedicure $85

The Vintage Estate

A sophisticated Experience. Small-Town Charm.

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